Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Putting the "S" in Smoothie

This video is 3:27. If you have 3:27, you have a smoothie. I challenge you...can you make this smoothie in the length of time it takes to watch the video?

Or watch on YouTube:http://youtu.be/goiJRm01X6o

One Susie Smoothie Serving
3 bananas (ripe!--brown & spotted) If the bananas aren't truly ripe the recipe will be too bitter/chalky. 
1/2 cup(ish) frozen or fresh organic blueberries
3 large kale leaves (stems removed) or handful of shredded/curled kale
sprinkling of raw cashews (or any other nut)
sprinkling of raw unsweetened organic coconut
1 cup almond milk (regular or vanilla) I use the Almond Breeze brand but any almond milk works.
water for preferred texture

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