Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is Colorful

By Susie Crossland-Dwyer

A collection of my Fall 2012. I'm a visual learner and very affected by my surroundings.This fall I found such simple beauty in my everyday world.

Oscar keeps me laughing and feeling like we all have a fresh chance at life.

Noticing all the amazing ways life takes form.

My husband knows my favorite thing and takes care of me while I'm sick. It's the small things in life.
Bro-in-law Mike conquers his first race like a veteran. Pure joy watching someone embrace the sport I so love.

Celebrating the life of cyclist Andrew Gast with a memorial ride. May we be always vigilant.

This was a particularly hard day. Walking through the trees did give me hope.
My middle son, Jaden. The best cuddler in the whole world.

Young life in both of these men.

Oh, whoops. But, it provided a spot for a beautiful sunset with the love of my life.
Cincinnati proud-- a necklace of the city.  A surprise from Christopher.

Emmett picking tomatoes from his garden. Every child should have this relationship with nature & food.

Running on the trails continues to be my favorite part of any day.


Our "nephew" Brady whom I've written about before.  Amazing strength can be found at any age.
Many fall weddings require that I change out of my lululemon and into "real people" clothes.
What a privilege to live freely.

Reds clencher.

Life changes right in front of my eyes.

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